Monday, 26 August 2013

The first shows!!!!

Well on Friday it was the first time my samples went on Create and Craft. I felt really nervous before the start of the show and just hoped they would be good enough. Anyway the show began and there was the family tree I had created!! We were so excited! The frame I used was from

We saw most of the samples I made......very bizarre. They even read out a card I had made for one of my friends! Here are a few of the samples.

I have had quite a lot of interest in the family tree. If you would like one with your family in, then I would make it A4 size on glossy photo paper for £5 plus postage. Please contact me through email or facebook for your requirements.
Well that's it for now, Tracy xxxx

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  1. Well Done on starting your Blog!
    Your samples were amazing!
    Thankyou very very much!