Sunday, 28 September 2014

Marie and Nathan's Wedding Day

Well today I can reveal the wedding invitations and wedding favors I made for my best friends wedding. I was very honoured to be asked to be bridesmaid as well. I would have done anything not to be because to be quite honest whenever I have been a bridesmaid in the past the wedding as been cancelled or they are now divorced!!!! Marie knew this but still wanted me.

I wish Marie and Nathan the very best for their future together and thank you for letting me play a big part in your very special day. I loved every minute, it was just so perfect, relaxed and beautiful.

Day time invitations
All the flowers had Nathan and Marie on them.

The right hand section had the guest choices. On the reverse was Nathan and Marie's address. This was perforated so guests could tear it off, attach a stamp and send off

The tags had the menus and gift guide on them.

Evening invitations

Favor boxes for adults and gift boxes for children

Each favor box had the guests food choice on the back. These were filled with sweets.

The set tables, just beautiful.

All cut out using my Brother Scan and Cut. Invitation wording were created in Serif Craft Artist.
Thanks for reading Tracy xxx

Thursday, 25 September 2014

The first Orby Produce and Craft Show

These last few weeks have been so busy!!! I managed to enter the Orby show. It was the first one they have held and my Mum's friend had organised it. For this I just entered a birthday card and I won 1st place!!!!
Unfortunately I couldn't go to the show because I had 16 ladies coming round to my house for one of my best friends hen night!!! It was absolutely brilliant. Its the wedding on Saturday, I am one of the bridesmaid so I will show you the bits I made for the wedding after the big event.... can't wait xxx

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Wainfleet Horticultural Show

Today was the Wainfleet Horticultural show. My Grandma has been a member since it first began so I try and put a few entries in for her really. My Mum also puts some bits in so we have a little competition between ourselves which is always fun.
These were my entries for this year. A handmade Christmas cracker, A knitted child's hat, A Christmas card, Ginger cake, Victorian Sandwich and flapjack. I made three Christmas cards. I thought I would see what would happen with less traditional cards so made two box cards.

I did really well and was really pleased with myself. The modern twist on the box cards didn't pay off and I wasn't placed, so next year I will keep with tradition.

To my amazement at the prize giving I was awarded a trophy for most points received in the Home craft section!!!

By the way my Mum was placed 1st in the Christmas Card section using her Phill Martin stamps.
(I did think it would win but watch out next year Mum lol x )