Sunday, 28 September 2014

Marie and Nathan's Wedding Day

Well today I can reveal the wedding invitations and wedding favors I made for my best friends wedding. I was very honoured to be asked to be bridesmaid as well. I would have done anything not to be because to be quite honest whenever I have been a bridesmaid in the past the wedding as been cancelled or they are now divorced!!!! Marie knew this but still wanted me.

I wish Marie and Nathan the very best for their future together and thank you for letting me play a big part in your very special day. I loved every minute, it was just so perfect, relaxed and beautiful.

Day time invitations
All the flowers had Nathan and Marie on them.

The right hand section had the guest choices. On the reverse was Nathan and Marie's address. This was perforated so guests could tear it off, attach a stamp and send off

The tags had the menus and gift guide on them.

Evening invitations

Favor boxes for adults and gift boxes for children

Each favor box had the guests food choice on the back. These were filled with sweets.

The set tables, just beautiful.

All cut out using my Brother Scan and Cut. Invitation wording were created in Serif Craft Artist.
Thanks for reading Tracy xxx

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