Saturday, 14 June 2014

Where does the time go!!!

Well where does the time go!!! I have been really busy with work lately and my husband as been building a new extension on our kitchen so I have had little spare time to blog!
I have bought myself a Brother Scan and Cut and I absolutely love it x I had watched that many shows on create and craft that by the time it was delivered I nearly knew how to use it but so did my 7 year old son!!! While I took my eldest sons out he was at home with Grandma and he cut her a few things out!!!
I have also been making wedding invitations for my best friend. They have taken alot of time but I was pleased with the end result and she was thrilled which is the most important thing x (I will put a few pictures on here but will blank the details x) Here are a few crafty bits I have made over the last few months xxx

Cover I made for my scan and cut

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